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Mona’s fingers curved around the stone, a pestle ground smooth from another time and other uses. Substantial is what Mark would have said. Freighted with history, the weight of the stone surprised her.


The Trifecta Challenge~33 words of substance which includes the word “Stone.” Share  your response here.



25 thoughts on “Stoned

  1. I agree – “freighted with history” is wonderful! But this whole piece is fantastic – you’ve created mood and a tactile experience in just 33 words. Well done!

    1. I’m not sure if these 33 words were going to go anywhere but the dust bin after this challenge. I think both Mona and the stone carry a history, and this is what she is reflecting on. Thanks for reading.

      1. Oh, they don’t have to go anywhere. I like the piece as it is – it hinted at a larger story without filling in the blanks. That’s why I love the 33 word challenges.

  2. I do hope she used it on Mark or for Mark;-)A weighty piece with lots of untold history:-)Did you know ,this is still used in India for grinding spices-loved that you used this idea for the prompt & was fascinated that its to be found in some museum-oh boy!

    1. I’ve found many grinding stones near my home like the pestle pictured above. They were left behind by the native Americans that lived in this area. No, I don’t think Mona bashed-in Mark’s head with the stone; rather, Mona is missing Mark and she is seeing a connection. Thanks for reading.

      1. oh that’s an interesting find:-)Ok,am now curious as to the connection-hoping that in some future piece ,some light may be thrown on the same 😀

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