Our Mother is Lost

Image Source: kickshawproductions.com

Paris pulled his little brother inside the carousel of women’s blouses, and together they pulled their feet onto the metal center and into their rocket ship. “To the moon,” said Paris.
“Boys? Boys?”


This weekend’s challenge is to write a story entitled ‘Lost’ in exactly 33 words. The word ‘lost’ can only appear in the title, not your 33 words. Any reference to the TV show could result in another visit to see the editors in the Trifecta offices.


23 thoughts on “Our Mother is Lost

    1. I gave up shopping with my sons because department store clerks would shake their heads at me and point at my sons terrorizing the clothes racks. Thanks for reading Guapo. Hey do you wear Dragon/Spy / Electric sunnies?

  1. Thanks for linking up this weekend. I remember this so vividly. I was in one of those clothing racks with my cousin when we were kids. It topped over and cut his head open. That got Mom’s attention. 🙂 Hope to see you back on Monday.

  2. This made me smile… Until I put myself in the parental shoes. My son used to love those racks, as much as I hated him in them.

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