Too Soon

A yellow trumpet,
heralding spring, bends to March,
soldiering too soon.


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11 thoughts on “Too Soon

  1. Lovely ‘Ku. And a nice photo to go with it. And now that we seem to be sliding past the “Winter” weather, one hopes that the early bloomers don’t pay a price for being “sooners”.

    1. Oh Guapo, I see you’re counting down the days until spring. Perhaps it isn’t the flowers of spring your looking forward to so much as your looking forward to mini-skirt season–The real reason why God invented sunglasses.

  2. Thanks for swinging by to read Brandon. Daffodils don’t re-bloom until the following year. They’re bulbs. Summer weather in February, shorts and bathing suits, can mean a dry spring(water) in October.

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