Yellow Woods

Take #1

Standing at the crossroads of indecision with equal possibilities, it’s true one cannot reclaim the beginning, and it’s true regret sours age, but the better choice for the journey is arbitrary and right.

Take #2

Father held my tear-stained face and said, “It’s not choice that matters Eva. Don’t be fooled. It’s what you do with the choices that matters; that’s what makes life worth living.”


The weekend challenge: Take a famous story, poem, book, or fable, and retell it in exactly 33 words.


7 thoughts on “Yellow Woods

  1. Thanks for linking up to the Trifextra challenge this weekend. If we’re meant to pick a favorite between your two, I’m at a loss. I love lines from both of them. I thought the parallel structure of #1 was especially strong. Number two is great for setting a scene–the tear-stained face and Father are nice details. Hope to see you back again soon.

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