Karin counted fifty rings before closing her cell phone. Later, when questioned, she could only remember seeing a rooster, feathers dull with mud, thawing in the yard; she remembered hearing the television before reaching the front door. She could not say how the two motionless grey heads above the chairs had a shotgun between them.

This week’s Trifextra challenge from Trifecta: Give us a complete story in three sentences.

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22 thoughts on “Afterthought

  1. I’m new to the challenge, but I found it through your post. Thanks. The imagery is good. Quite shocking. I’d like a little more explanation on the meaning of the third sentence.

    1. Hi~
      My idea was to follow the prompt by giving the reader a story pared down to only essential words with minimal explanation so that the reader draws their own conclusion. Your response tells me I’ve a bit more work to do. Thanks for the response–very helpful.

  2. It invites many questions…but I’m not sure if the images all work together to craft a complete story…I have a sense of a murder and someone setting a alibi?

    That thawing rooster is sticking with me though. Great use of imagery for that.

  3. Wow! That is a whole lot in three sentences. Do you think you might flesh this out and take it further? Does it capsulate a story you have had brewing or did it come to you specifically for the challenge?

  4. I somehow had the image of someone entering the scene of a double suicide. There’s a lot going on in these three sentences and it leaves a lot open to the reader’s imagination which can’t be all that wrong, can it?

  5. Thanks for joining up for our weekend challenge. This is wonderfully complex and I love how so many commenters are beginning to piece together their own explanations of the ‘two motionless grey heads’. I really like the image of the thawing bird. You’ve certainly got us thinking. I really enjoyed this one. Hope to see you back for Monday’s challenge.

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