A Love Story in 33 Words

1. Careful of the tubes managing Howard’s life, Lucy pulled a chair close to the hospital bed. She took his hand in hers. Howard’s fingers curled around hers in a final gesture of love.

2. “Yes, I know. I’m the one who makes mistakes. You wouldn’t hire me if I weren’t your wife.”

“You know I wouldn’t hire you. But hey, it shows the depth of my love.”

The first weekend prompt is as follows: write a love story in 33 words.  You are free to interpret that prompt however you wish, but your response must be 33 words exactly.

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20 thoughts on “A Love Story in 33 Words

      1. Gina~I tried to respond on your blog but I got stuck in a loop on blogger denying my request. My response to your post: What a crazy feeling that kind of all-consuming love can be. It is though you could live in the other person’s skin or travel around in their pocket just to stay near.

  1. I think my love would say something akin to #2, but we’ve been together for a looong time. That one feels comfortable, a joking kinda relationship.

  2. My favorite is number two. It captures the banter between a long-committed couple doing a chore together where one of them is the expert and the other is decidedly not!

    1. Your response makes me wonder how to capture the banter of two people who know each other well enough to leave words out of conversation( a bit like your telegram). In real life, the stage, or in film, body language tell as much as words, but on the page/blog it is only words. People talk around things without naming them directly or dialogs are oblique like in Hills Like White Elephants. Thanks for responding.

  3. I too love #1. But it might be because of a couple of sad events this week that have come far too soon. Not in my immediate circles, but still …

  4. Yeah, I like them both, too. Two shows a couple that is really comfortable with each other, comfortable enough to tease each other and exchange that kind of banter. #1 is very touching!

  5. Welcome to Trifecta! Two for the price of one… I like both these pieces and I love how they are quite different. The first was very touching and beautifully written and the second one was witty and clever. I hope you’ll be back to share more of your writing with us in our weekday prompt which starts on Monday.

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