8:00 a.m. – Writing Prompt

Morning comes early, although by most standards, at 8am the day should be well underway. I hear a high wind in the trees and look out the window and see dark clouds to the west. Rain is coming. The rooster is slow this morning and his crow is half-hearted but close. He has escaped again and will needed to be rounded up before the days is over. The autumn air raises the hair on my arms and legs as I pull back the feather blanket and hoist myself from a bed fitted too tightly into an alcove. I find my clothes heaped and cold on the floor. I slip into them waiting to feel warm. The smell of woodsmoke mingles faintly with the smell of wine and food from the night before. Opening the wood box I see a few embers glowing enough to catch a fire. The animals know. At each door waits a cat. Another cat hangs on a screen and still another scales a mullioned window.  A sliding door opens and closes. Footsteps thunder up a set of stairs, and the day has begun. From the bed he calls.
“Coffee? Coffee! Coffee?”
“Yes, it’s coming.”

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3 thoughts on “8:00 a.m. – Writing Prompt

  1. What lovely sensory details! I grew up on a farm, and much of this sounded familiar…although our rooster who loved to escape kept crowing earlier and earlier…you know, I need to save that story for a Write On Edge prompt. 🙂

  2. I adore the details that you honed in on- the wind, the rooster, the feather blanket. And, of course,t he necessity of morning coffee.

    Lovely job drawing the reader into the moment!

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