22 Things I’ve Done


I have ridden a camel in the Desert between India and Pakistan and listened to camel drivers playing plastic water jugs while singing under a sky thick with stars.

I have held the cold hand of one taking a last breath.

I have answered the call from jail and posted bail.

I have spent time in the city of Paris but never once saw the Eiffel Tower yet gazed upon the Gates of Hell not knowing what I saw.

I have washed thousands of dishes with still thousands more to wash before I’m done.

I have basked in the adrenaline of winning and taken on the challenge offered by defeat.

I have roller skated across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have kept my dreams to myself

Via: Vladimir BAZAN

I have listened to 130 student piano recitals and clapped for my children and children I don’t know, praising  their courage to perform.

I have sat in bleachers at major league baseball games and thrilled to the energy of a crowd watching their home team win.

I have given money to the homeless when I myself did not have a home.

I have seen dead bodies in the streets of a city under siege.

I have danced on stadium walls at Gratetful Dead concerts

I have blown bubbles to make a three-year-old laugh at a dog bitting bubbles.

I have embraced four newborn babies slippery from birth, forgetting instantly the pain it took to bring them into the world.

I have watched fire burn uncontrollably.

I have planted trees.

I have endured raising teenagers.

I have killed and butchered pigs and chickens.

I have sailed the Blue Lagoon and saw fish leaping from the water and looked into the clear depths of the sea.

I have been lucky.

I have lived  by candle light.


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  1. On my last birthday, my girlfriend bought me a Kindle. I planned to read it a lot…but then I discovered your blog. I read your blog instead. I love your writings, they hook me right away. Keep writing and I will keep coming back for more 🙂

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