House – Writing Prompt

Alan and I studied the abandon house on our way home from school. Set above a steep street on a narrow footpath, the house never changed. Curiosity has us stopping to tie an already tied shoe just so one of us could spy a way into the house. When we found a car sitting in a garage, its tires flat and cracked with age, we discovered a path up to the house.

Looking both ways, Alan slipped into the walk beside the garage and up the steep path to the house. I went next. In silence, we surveyed the yard.  Then nodding toward stairs leading to a back door, we moved. At the top of the stairs Alan pushed open the door, and we leaned into a tiny kitchen. Time stopped. Alan and I looked at each other. I held my breath and shut my eyes. I could feel Alan’s trembling hand grab my arm, pulling me backwards with a jerk.

Writing Prompt ~ 160 characters–In my case it turned into 160 words (I should have slept in this morning.) that would either elicit or express fear.

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12 thoughts on “House – Writing Prompt

    1. Angela, thanks for your suggestion. It would be an excellent solution; however, getting my misinterpretation of the prompt down to 160 words took a bit of time. I’m sure I could prune more words with more time. You know, cut to the chase and get to a fragment of emotion in160 characters, but I’m going to move on.

    1. Nancy C~ Thanks for taking the time to read. I enjoyed catching up to your blog. I like your writing style and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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