Where I am From


I am from a doodle in the margins of your high school history book,  from the fine tip of a yellow Ticonderoga with the keen imagination of a jester.

I am from the chaos of clothes on your bedroom floor whirling like a dervish in layers of purple silk, smooth and decadent.

I am from the lotus blossom floating in a pond, the honey flower delicate on the breeze.

I am from a ship of fools tossed in a wild ocean and wander lust’s passion unleashed. I am from beyond the glass green sea, maddened by drink and Helene’s great beauty while cursed by Paris’s great lust.

I am from the illustrious and incandescent.

From more than all the stars in the night sky and grains of sand on a beach I come to you.

I am from the saintly and devout, ceremonial and pagan.

I’m from across the seas, tea steeped, dark amber, sweetened and creamed.

From the chronicles of Davy Jones locker, with Poseidon in the cast, decisions were made, decks were swabbed and Snuffy made queen for a day and made king of the chain locker for life.

I am from boxes burned, idols stored, and treasures scorned. I am the Saint Christopher buried in your right pocket. I am the winged dimes upon your eyelids opening the gates of heaven.


9 thoughts on “Where I am From

  1. Gorgeous words and imagery. I’ve read quite a few of these “Where I’m From” pieces and your’s stands out as unique and vivid. I especially loved this line:

    “I am from a ship of fools tossed in a wild ocean and wander lust’s passion unleashed.”

    Nicely done. Stopping by from Write on Edge.

  2. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing. Every line was wonderful, but “illustrious and incandescent?” Swoon…

    Found you through the WOE weekend link up. Thanks!

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